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We love photography. We love the enjoyment that images bring into our own lives, and we love that we can provide this for others to enjoy. It's perhaps the truest gift we receive as photographers, the satisfaction that comes from providing others with lasting memories of special moments and time spent with their loved ones. To do so, there are many technical, equipment, and workflow related details that we constantly strive to perfect.

That said, we have found an even more important characteristic key to effectively photographing people, particularly at weddings. We are often complimented and surprised by reactions as people observe and begin to understand our style and how we operate. It is a common belief that an effective photographer must dominate the location, the participants, and their time. We believe there is a better way. We have our own system that we feel allows a wedding to stay focused on and around the bride and groom and their loved ones. And it allows us to stay focused on getting the best images possible.

We look for people enjoying people. We look for happiness, laughter and surprise. We look for love, for humor, and for the various forms of pride. Anyone ever having attended weddings knows that these things happen constantly. We see them, as they happen. That's why our job is fun. It's really fun. It is certainly not without challenge or hours of tedious work, but it's fun. And as we go through the image workflow, we get to again enjoy all that made it a memorable time as we prepare the collection of photographs for our clients.

We have years of photography training and experience and more than ten years of wedding photography experience. The integration of experience in this business within this market area, along with our love of and passion for taking great photographs allows us to provide photographic services virtually unmatched in our region.

And, in case you wonder, our equipment, software and hardware, as well as our overall workflow are in a continuous state of improvement. We currently utilize several Canon digital SLR cameras and many of the best pro lenses Canon has to offer. We have a variety of options to employ depending on the shooting situation and have years of experience shooting both film and digitally.

With our discriminating eye and mindfulness to quality, we remain on the lookout for products and services to offer in this highly price sensitive and competitive market. If you have seen or heard about photographic products or services you might like more information on, let us know. We have a variety of options. In addition, we use the premier professional wedding and portrait service bureau (lab) in the country. They are simply unmatched, and we would settle for nothing less from a partner helping us to provide our final image products.

We enjoy taking pictures and constantly understanding how to do so more effectively. Doing this as a profession and having others enjoy these photographs is our passion.


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